Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 511 Traffic page?
2. What are the main features of the 511 Traffic Page?
3. What are the benefits of using the 511 Traffic page?
4. Who can benefit from using the 511 Traffic page?
5. What makes the new 511 Traffic page different from the original 511 Traffic page?
6. How is the 511 Traffic page different from other similar tools?
7. Where can I find information on tolls, express lanes, HOV lanes, or park & ride lots on the 511 Traffic page?
8. How do I access FasTrak® information?
9. Can 511 help me in an emergency?
10. What is 511 Freeway Assist and how can I get help if I'm stranded on the roadway?
11. How do I contact someone or leave a suggestion about 511 Traffic?

Driving Times
12. What are current and predicted drive times?
13. How do I use the map to calculate a current driving time?
14. How do I use the map to calculate a future driving time?
15. How do I use the 511 Driving Times text tool to calculate a current or future driving time?
16. What are "hotspots" in the 511 Driving Times feature?
17. What does "typical" in the driving times results mean?
18. How do I clear a driving times trip from the map and 511 Driving Times text tool?
19. How are predicted driving times calculated?
20. Why are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday not separate days of the week?
21. What holidays are included in the Holidays category?
22. How is Thanksgiving defined?
23. How reliable are your driving times and traffic information?
24. How are FasTrak® Customers Participating in Driving Times?
25. Will my privacy be protected?
26. Can I elect not to participate in this 511/ FasTrak® data collection program and still be a FasTrak® customer?
27. Who is responsible for 511 Driving Times?
28. Where do the driving times estimates on changeable message signs come from?
29. Where do I find out more about driving times on the changeable message signs?

Traffic Map
30. What kind of information does the 511 Traffic Map show?
31. How is the new traffic map an improvement over the old one?
32. How can I make the map larger?
33. What does 'Reset Map' do?
34. How can I change the map traffic congestion color scheme?
35. When I click on a traffic camera on the traffic map, the video feed does not play. Why?

Traffic Conditions
36. What are current and predicted traffic conditions?
37. Is the traffic information current/updated?
38. How do I view predicted traffic conditions information?
39. Where does the traffic congestion data on the traffic map come from?
40. How are the different congestion levels shown on the traffic map translated into speeds?
41. Why doesn't the traffic map have congestion information for all streets and roads in the region?
42. Where do traffic incident, construction and event data on the traffic map come from?
43. Where can I find more information on current traffic incidents, road construction, and events?

Customization & Personalization
44. How can I customize the 511 Traffic page?
45. How can I customize the traffic map?
46. What is the Recent Trips feature?
47. What are cookies and why are session cookies used on the 511 Traffic page?
48. Can I save trips and receive text or e-mail alerts?

49. What web browsers are compatible with the new 511 Traffic page?
50. Can I use the new 511 Traffic page on my mobile device?
511 Mobile

511 Mobile

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Developer Toolkit

Developer Resources

Find out how to get 511 Transit and Traffic data for application development or a custom version of the 511 RideMatch Service for your company's website.

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