511 Traffic is the free, comprehensive traffic information source for the San Francisco Bay Area. Use the interactive Traffic Map to calculate driving times for your trip, see incidents and construction details, check congestion levels, and view live traffic cameras. If you're planning a future trip, use can estimate your driving time or check predicted traffic conditions for a specific time and day so you know when to leave. 511 Traffic also provides a quick view of your three most recent trips and the latest news affecting drivers in the Bay Area.

If you’re heading out the door or already on your way, you can access traffic information on your phone by dialing 511, or on your mobile device at m.511.org. 511 reminds you to take precautions to stay safe on your driving trip – use the 511 phone service or 511 Mobile before you’re on the road or have a passenger check current conditions for you.

The 511 Traffic page is part of the SF Bay Area’s 511 Traveler Information Service. For more information about all of 511's offerings, including transit, rideshare, and bicycling features, click here.

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511 is managed by a partnership of public agencies led by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the California Highway Patrol, and the California Department of Transportation. 511 was developed with the mission to provide comprehensive, accurate, reliable and useful multimodal travel information to meet the needs of Bay Area travelers. Click here to read more about each partner.

511 Mobile

511 Mobile

On the go? Check the traffic map or get popular driving times. Visit m.511.org on your mobile device.

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Find out how to get 511 Transit and Traffic data for application development or a custom version of the 511 RideMatch Service for your company's website.

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